About Deacon Lawrence and Gryphon Rampant

klimeckiportrait1Lawrence Klimecki was born and raised in Northern California. As far as he can remember there was never a time he was not drawing, painting, or reading about other artists drawing and painting. All through his formative years and academics, including studies at the California Maritime Academy, the urge to spend his time creating art never left him. But there was something lacking, a goal or purpose that would shape his artistic output beyond the vague popular notion of “self expression.”

Life continued as he married his high-school sweetheart, started a family, and pursued careers that would help him provide for that family, but the artistic muse refused to abandon him. Then it happened. During one Sunday morning Mass, while listening to the sermon, he was startled to hear the deacon say “and God is calling you!” while pointing directly at him. It was one of those moments when a person looks around themselves wondering who the deacon was pointing at, but he knew in his heart that God was sending him a wake-up call.

He spent the next few months in prayer and contemplation, discerning a calling that would eventually lead to his ordination as a deacon for the diocese of Sacramento in June of 2008. It was during these years of discernment and formation that everything began to come together. His studies led him deep into the rich tradition of Christian art, iconography and symbolism that helped to draw the hearts and minds of the faithful to contemplate the beauty of the Divine.

He now works to serve the people of God both as a deacon and an artist. Through his art he seeks out the “stray sheep”, those on the edge of belief looking for something to help them reconnect with God. He does this by drawing on the rich artistic heritage of the Church, and looking for new ways to portray these transcendent themes in a way that will connect with people struggling to find God in a post – Christian world. He sees this as one aspect of his ministry as a deacon, helping people find the purpose and meaning of their lives by helping them to remember that everyone is a child of God and is immensely loved.

Deacon Lawrence is an internationally acclaimed artist, illustrator, writer and popular speaker on the topic of the intersection of art and faith. His clients have included leaders in Catholic media and publishing such as EWTN, The Catholic Register, Paulist Press and Liturgical Training Publications.

gryphonrampantposterw2Gryphon Rampant publishes the work of deacon Lawrence and serves as the contact point for commissioning custom illustration, prints of original work, and heraldic design and rendering. The deacon is accomplished in several historical styles as well as his own more contemporary approach to traditional Christian imagery. Lawrence is also a popular speaker on art, faith, and the heroic spiritual journey that we are all engaged in. Enjoy your visit and please, do not hesitate to contact us with your thoughts, comments and questions.

God Bless