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St John Damascene


Saint John Damascene spent all of his life under Muslim rule. In addition to being a poet and a theologian, John was a defender of the use of holy images in the liturgy.

In the summer of 726 a volcano erupted in the Aegean Sea causing Tsunamis and a significant loss of life. The Byzantine emperor Leo III saw this, along with recent military defeats at he hands of Muslim forces, as a sign of God’s displeasure. Leo felt this displeasure was due to idolatry, the worship of images, and ordered an image of Christ that was over the palace gate to be taken down. Supporters of the image feared that its removal was an act act of sacrilege and murdered the men sent to carry out the emperor’s orders. This began a struggle between those opposed to images, iconoclasts, and those in favor of them, iconodules, that resulted in the emperor banning the use and production of holy images in A.D. 730.

Saint John wrote against the iconoclasts, in favor of sacred images. Since he lived in Muslim territory his enemies were powerless in their efforts to silence him.

Saint John is the patron of pharmacists, painters of sacred images, and theology students.

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The Star of the Sea Hymn. The Blessed Virgin Mary, the star of the sea that guides those lost back to safety. Whether on the ocean or in the storms of daily life, Mary is a sure guide, reflecting the light of her son, leading us safely to Him.


The 42nd Psalm. The way to forget our miseries, is to remember the God of our mercies. The forty second psalm reminds us that God is the cure for all our sorrows.


Glory Be, An ancient hymn of praise to God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. A reminder to glorify God in all our thoughts, words, and actions. Display this doxology in a place where you can see it daily, calling you to prayer.


Saint Lawrence Prayer, Saint Lawrence is the patron saint of deacons, comics, cooks, librarians, seminarians and the poor just to name a few. This prayer is taken from the Liturgy of the Hours for August 10, Saint Lawrence’s feast day.


One of my most popular images. “Therefore brethren, pick out from among you seven men of good repute, full of the Spirit and of Wisdom” Acts of the Apostles, 6:3.
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